More Secret Food Confessions

Because, dear readers, I must always be honest with you,
I don’t like natural peanut butter very much. This may be because I don’t particularly care for peanuts unless they are made into peanut sauce, garnishing kung pao chicken or ground into a smooth paste with sugar and oil. I’d rather have Jiff than the gritty, oily natural stuff any day.
I do like corn dogs. So much.
Ditto White Castle burgers. Also Wendy’s.
I like foie gras very much, but I don’t luuuurve it, particularly for the price.
Sometimes, when I am feeling cranky and kitchen-phobic, we eat grocery store rotisserie chicken for dinner with broccoli and rice pilaf from a box.
I’m still working on my egg fear.
Lately, I’m putting Tabasco sauce on nearly everything.
The texture of nori makes me gag.
Last week, we ordered Chinese on Friday night and Sunday night.
(And, another topic entirely, but I just saw that we got a link from SFist’s food blogger roundup. To paraphrase the words of Eeyore, thanks for noticin’ us! We are entirely honored.)

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4 comments on “More Secret Food Confessions
  1. tejal says:

    Wow–there are things I did not know about you! I think the White Castle and Wendy thing was a real surprise. I agree with you about the pb. Speaking of hot sauce, do you like tapatio, hot suace of the cafeteria and taqueria? The first time I tried it was here in CA, and I really like it. I don’t have tabasco at the moment, just that.
    As for corn dogs, it’s one of the many gross American things Glyn is unnaturally attached to. But you know all about this. Hmm, sounds like a post, doesn’t it? An Irishman and his American fancies…

  2. martha says:

    I do like tapatio very much. It and cholula are nice choices for when you want a smidge more vinegary tang and a smidge less straight out chile heat. Since tabasco is just vinegar, peppers, and salt, it doesn’t add much by way of flavor, just heat.

  3. tejal says:

    em, you mention a link? (hooray!) but I didn’t see it on the round up post… Where is it?

  4. martha says:

    Scroll about half way down the page and click on the link in the sentence about “how to cook up those extra radishes like potato chips” and it goes to us.
    Now, I didn’t actually write about cooking the radishes, but instead likened their raw state to potato chips, but I’ve decided to be pleased nonetheless.

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