For everything there is a season


(2 Tasty Ladies + 2 bottles of wine + 2 ice cream bars on sticks= one unflattering picture that Tejal would kill me for posting except she’s too far away to do anything about it.)
I’ve been trying to write this post for a week now, but honestly, I haven’t known how to start. For various reasons, as the result of various outings and errands, I could convince myself I simply didn’t have a moment to sit down and post. I’d compose the beginning lines in my head sometimes while Stephen and I drove back up the 101 from El Granada in the dark, but those thoughts were inevitably too maudlin for public consumption.
It was wrong to wait, there’s so much to tell you. Most of it is very exciting. Really, this summer should be a pretty neat time here at 2 Tasty Ladies. First though, the inevitable thing. The real reason I couldn’t make myself post this before was because I was in denial. If I wrote about what was happening, I’d have to acknowledge it, and I hadn’t any desire to do that. See, my partner in blog and I, we’ve shown a funny tendency to be to behave in the fashion of weeping, melodramatic Victorian heroines when one or the other of us is going away. I refer specifically to a scene in the Baltimore airport on January 2, 2004, of which we rarely speak. Too embarrassing by far.
So, to avoid such a moment for as long as possible, we went our business with only the faintest attention paid to the inevitable. First we had the Last Barbecue. Then, on the Fourth of July, the Last Dinner at Tejal’s house. Then the Last Dinner at my house. Then Last Pizza on the floor of her packed up apartment. Although we openly called it Last Something or Other, we didn’t really believe it. We’d roll our eyes about it, and then fall back into the comfortable pillow of denial.
On Monday night, Stephen and I drove down to El Granada for a final time. We got dressed up and went to dinner at Navio in the Ritz Carlton with Tejal and Glyn. Our dinner was marvelous, the service fantastic. We talked about food, beaches, what our accents say about us, how Milton had his temperature taken at the vet. For a few hours I almost, almost forgot. We went back to their empty apartment, made small talk for a few minutes, and then we had to go. I was feeling on the verge of Victorian meltdown. Goodbyes were, at long last, said, and hugs of the sort that you hug when you know it has to last a long time were hugged. A few hours later, I don’t even think they went to sleep, Tejal and Glyn drove away from their apartment, their garden, from the Bay Area. They headed off to visit family in Portland, and then Chicago before Tejal stops over for a few months in New York before joining Glyn in London.

Me? I’m still here. Stephen and I, who firmly believe that when you feel sad you should act sad, spent the next day curled up on the couch in our pajamas, comfort eating. I made salsa dip with Velveeta, an excellent tacky food for consumption when sad. Later I made homemade chicken and dumplings using the bones from the last chicken I roasted for Tejal and Glyn. Is that symbolism or what? I also made Manhattans to help me cope with the all the, eh, symbolism I was feeling.
So Tejal’s time in San Francisco has come to a close and I’m bummed about that, but what does this mean for the site? The big thing is, the 2 Tasty Ladies are going first transcontinental, then global. That means impromptu barbecues in this city by the sea are less likely, but recipes and restaurants in other parts of the world are coming shortly. Although I am going to miss Tejal like hell, I can’t wait to read what she’s eating, which, funnily enough, is the whole reason we started the site to begin with.
And as it turns out, Tejal isn’t the only one having a summer full of changes. To start with, Stephen and I are heading home to Tennessee next week. With the exception of a whirlwind jaunt last October for a funeral, we haven’t been home in a year and a half. We are tremendously excited, but also a little apprehensive. Right now, it is 58 degrees in San Francisco and 95 in Nashville. The shock may kill us.
We’re going home for a number of reasons. We miss our families. I miss barbecue, meat and threes, cocktails on the porch while the sun goes down, Mexican popsicles, and my Granny’s coconut cake (don’t worry, I promise to write about all that stuff).
But we’re also going home because July 23 is our eighth anniversary, and we’re getting “officially engaged.” Now, we’ve been unofficially engaged for almost a year since, while sitting on the floor, eating a pizza and watching Good Eats, I told Stephen I thought maybe we should go to New Orleans and have one heck of a party that culminated in our making legal and binding the lifelong commitment we’ve explicitly understood for a long time. I’d made it clear years ago that I didn’t like dramatic, romantic, on-one-knee proposals, so this was the only way it was going to happen. Now we’re telling our families, getting the ring, the whole deal.
I promise this won’t turn into a wedding blog, but there will probably be updates as important stuff happens. I’ve asked Tejal to be my maid of honor, only partially as a ploy to get her back into the country to play with me. So, yes, some things are changing, but most things are staying the same. On with the show!

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9 comments on “For everything there is a season
  1. payal says:

    Hi Martha,
    I’m always left with an empty feeling when I have to part from loved ones. However, it sounds like your blog is going to have some very exciting content, and I for one, am looking forward to it (but I already check up on you guys weekly!).
    Congratulations on your upcoming engagement and all the new and exciting changes coming up for you and Tejal! Looking forward to the BBQ recipes!!

  2. tejal says:

    Oh Martha–I would indeed like to kill you for posting that picture, but then the rest of the post was so darn sweet, I don’t think I could. So we’re grand, all safe and sound in Portland. Milton is getting along really well with my brother’s golden retriever, they’re sleeping a few feet away from each other right now! So cute. I’ll call you tomorrow.

  3. Shaula Evans says:

    First of all congrats all around.
    Secondly, if that is an unflattering picture…well, you two must both be quite photogenic. :)

  4. Julie says:

    What a sweet post, and I have to agree with Shaula — hard to believe that’s an unflattering picture.
    Congratulations on the engagement, and I’m looking forward to the posts about Tennessee.

  5. lobstersquad says:

    That´s so great, although I understand it´s sad that Tejal is leaving.
    Have a great time in Tennessee.

  6. Martha says:

    Thanks so much! Ya’ll are too kind (see, I’m getting into Tennessee mode).
    And for the photo, yes, I’ll admit that as unflattering pictures go, it doesn’t rate terribly high. There were others in the same set, mostly of me, that were easily 10,000 times more embarrasing. It’s just that we are shiny-nosed, messy-haired, lacking necessary makeup, and sporting a unfocused, bleary-eyed stare that gives away how much wine we’d consumed.
    We prefer to think of ourselves as poised, polished young ladies of distinction who never, never get all squidgy tipsy and then allow someone to take numerous pictures of us for consumption by the internet. It isn’t true, not by a long shot, but it’s nice to pretend.

  7. Vanessa says:

    How bittersweet life can be… good luck all of you. exciting times ahead for everyone!

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