How do you know that your hot sauce addiction has gone too far? The above bottle of chipotle Tabasco had been in my possession for a mere 24 hours when that photo was taken. During the course of that day, I ate it on a grilled cheese, I used it in a marinade for fajitas, I had a snack of it on tortilla chips, and then ate it on the fajitas themselves.
When your daily hot sauce consumption can be measured in ounces, that’s probably how you know. So, okay, maybe I’m addicted. It’s my brother’s fault, really. On a visit home last year, I saw him shaking it onto a slice of pepperoni pizza. “It’s good,” he said, “It’s really good.” One bite and I was hooked.

As I think I’ve said in the past, I love smoky anything. If they made perfume with just a hint of barbecued pork shoulder, I’d wear it. There is no smell that sets my mouth to watering and my stomach to grumbling like mesquite or apple wood slowly smoldering. Every time I chop chipotles for a recipe, I end up licking the adobo sauce off my fingers. I know it’s going to burn, but I do it anyway. Then, when the burning finally subsides, I usually drag my fingertip over the cutting board for one more smoky, firey taste.
Chipotle Tabasco isn’t as hot as chipotles themselves or as regular Tabasco. It’s more of a very kicky condiment. I keep imagining other things it would be delicious on. Today, I’m thinking french fries.

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2 comments on “Evidence
  1. tejal says:

    ooh! Hot sauce on pizza, I love that. You know, I’ve never tried the chipotle tabasco, I think I may be missing out on something special.
    I also lick my fingers after chili cutting but then, wash my hands. Because I always think of my friend Jimmy, who touched his..em..special place after cooking a beef curry and burned his bits. Ouch!

  2. payal says:

    My husband just bought the chipotle tabasco (and the green one for himself) last weekend. I completely understand looking at the bottle 5 days later and wondering where it all went! Instead of the usual morning cereal, I made eggs just so I could use the sauce! We made enchiladas earlier in the week and taste-tested both sauces – I preferred the chipotle and hubby liked the green. Loved your french fries idea!

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