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Vodka for grownups

Most of my early drinking took the form of vodka, preferably raspberry flavored or in Cosmo form, but ever since I fell in love with gin, neutral spirits have fallen far by the wayside. When I taste vodka, my tongue

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The fine art of eating (and drinking) outdoors

In the film adaptation of Emma starring a very young Kate Beckinsale, there is a scene where everyone goes on a marvelously indulgent picnic. They pile into carriages and tromp into a fine, sundrenched field accompanied by footmen and linens

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Post-Sonoma dispatch

A glass of Cabernet Franc in front of a field of Cabernet Franc at Chateau St. Jean. I’m fairly sure I had feelings about the taste of the wine at the time, but as it was our fourth and final

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Dispatch from the Valley

I love how intimate and low-key Sonoma can be. Napa has big wines and striking architecture. Sonoma, at it’s best, is more like a lovely afternoon in a friend’s living room. Stephen’s parents are visiting, so we’re spending a few

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