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In which she follows a recipe

Cookbooks can be an addiction, a voyeuristic portal into an alternate culinary universe. With all those bright pictures and neat columns of ingredients, they present a world where oven tempratures never vary, dirty dishes disappear, and every chicken breast weighs

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Only judge a dumpling by its skin

When Stephen and I came to look at the apartment we now live in, I barely glanced at the tiny hole-in-the wall restaurant across the street. I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and thought something

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Evil Martha Thai Noodle Salad

Or, if I’m feeling respectable, Southeast Asian Beef Noodle Salad. Or, to be honest, Everything But the Kitchen Sink Noodle Salad. I like the first name best (borrowed, as it is, from Houston’s Evil Jungle Thai Noodle Salad). Stephen calls

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What’s For Pud?

In conjunction with Becks & Posh and Jam Faced we are celebrating the oft ignored St. George’s Day, and thus the nation of England herself, with dessert. Tejal, being both British and a pastry chef, has the credentials; I’m just

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Tea and a biscuit and ice cream and cake

Every afternoon, all over England, people sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit. A daily reminder of Queen Victoria and and a long vanished empire, this ritual occupies a position of utmost social and cultural importance. It

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How do you know that your hot sauce addiction has gone too far? The above bottle of chipotle Tabasco had been in my possession for a mere 24 hours when that photo was taken. During the course of that day,

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Chicken, by popular demand

It was recently brought to my attention that, although I mention roast chickens all the time, I’ve never actually given a recipe. I’ll seek to remedy that shortly, but first, I should mention something of my history with the dish.

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Delicious puffs

If you’re a cream puff fan (and what sensible person isn’t?) and you live in San Francisco, this is very good news.

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More Secret Food Confessions

Because, dear readers, I must always be honest with you, I don’t like natural peanut butter very much. This may be because I don’t particularly care for peanuts unless they are made into peanut sauce, garnishing kung pao chicken or

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Radish madness

What’s round, crunchy, salty, and excellent for snacking? Potato chips, obviously, but why limit yourself? For the last year or so, here at Chez Marthe, radishes have been a snack food of choice. It sounds like one of those healthy

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