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Food Moments 2005

1.) 2005 was the year I began using vermouth for something other than martinis. I’ve always had it around owing to my preference to gin, not too dry, up with a twist, but due to an occasional reluctance to open

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Sniffs of the season

The last few days, it’s rained and howled something fierce. The weather has been so dreary, it almost felt like I was in Boston again. The cumulative effect of so many gray days so late in December has been to

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Sweet and smoky

One of the treats I brought home from my recent pilgrimage to the Ferry Building was two ounces of brick red pimenton de la Vera from Boulette’s Larder. It is lovely; it has a color so rich, I can already

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Martha’s Wonderful, Fabulous, All Good, Super Great Day

Stephen and I don’t have many days off together, and when we do, we usually spend them pursuing such wildly romantic activities like the laundry and cleaning the bathroom. We’ve both been working our butts off lately and decided we

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1 Tasty Thanksgiving (vol. 4, or, The Feast)

Once all the hard work was done, we could fix our plates and get down to eating. One of the ways you know it’s Thanksgiving is that all your food touches. Can’t pose. Chewing. After the feast, it is traditional

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Spaghetti for breakfast

I’ve always been picky about breakfast. I think this is because I’m just picky about the whole waking up process, and breakfast combines something I love (eating) with something I loathe (getting out of bed) to unusual ends. I don’t

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Pimping, ever pimping

I second the sentiments of T-Dawg. Seriously, it embarrasses me, but why not give us a a couple of little wee nominations for best new food blog at www. We won’t win, but if it diverted a few people

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A quick supper

Alas, no pictures (I forgot because I was worn out from Christmas tree decorating), but my ras-el-hanout tomato sauce was a rousing success, and it suggested a super quick supper that was just perfect after a long day of festivity.

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1 Tasty Thanksgiving (vol. 3, or, The Cooked)

Our turkey came out of the oven as firm and brown as if she’d been sunbathing on the Isle of Capri instead of roasting in San Francisco. The roasting pan was covered in yucky looking but yummy tasting drippings. (Sidenote:

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Stephen and I are deeply attached to a Moroccan restaurant lately (which, I promise, I’ll eventually write about). One of my favorite dishes is giant lima beans in ras-el-hanout tomato puree with shaved feta and olive oil. It is a

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